Florida Registered Agent

A Florida Registered Agent is required when you form your LLC in Florida.  They serve as a point of contact in case legal papers need to be sent to your LLC and the state of Florida has been unsuccessful in contacting you.  Consider your Florida Registered Agent as an “emergency contact.”

When forming an LLC in Florida, you need to provide both a principal office address as well as a mailing address.  These addresses can be the same or they can be different.  However, neither of these addresses for your Florida LLC need to actually be in Florida.

A Registered Agent must have a business address located in the state of Florida.

A Registered Agent can either be a business or an individual.  A Registered Agent can be yourself or someone you know, so long as you or they have a Florida address.

Anyone you know who lives in Florida or any company with an office in Florida may serve as the registered agent for your Florida LLC – as long as  they agree to be your LLC’s Registered Agent.  You may also serve as your own Registered Agent, if your address is in the state of Florida.  In that case, you can use your business address or your home address.

If you are using someone you know, make sure they agree to be your Registered Agent, because they need to sign the Florida LLC Forms.

You can hire a Commercial Registered Agent, if you do not have a Florida address or you do not know anyone in the state who can act as your LLC’s agent.  Annual fees for a Commercial Registered Agent typically range from $100 – $130 per year.

We recommend Northwest Registered Agent.  They have been in the business for over 15 years and they provide Registered Agent services in all 50 states.

Note that the Registered Agent for your LLC in Florida must also be available at their address during normal business hours.  This is so that they may be able to receive mail and any official notices sent to your business.  So if you are using someone you know as your Registered Agent, or yourself, make sure the address you provide to the state is open and able to receive mail during business hours.

And again, if you don’t have a Florida address, or know someone that does, then we recommend hiring a commercial Registered Agent so that you can use their address.  They will also be able to receive mail on your behalf when needed, and can ensure it is forwarded to you.

 Why you need a Registered Agent for your Florida LLC

The state of Florida will send official notices to the address you designate as your “mailing address” when you form your LLC in Florida.  If for whatever reason important notices cannot reach you, the state will contact your Registered Agent.

If you are using a commercial Registered Agent for your LLC in Florida, they are responsible for making sure the papers and notices they receive at their offices are forwarded to you in a timely manner.

When you move or change your address, it us up to you to let your Registered Agent know, as well as inform the state of Florida, in order to prevent any additional delays to getting important notices for your Florida LLC.

If your LLC in Florida is ever involved in a lawsuit, for example, you want to make certain you are notified as soon as possible.  If the state cannot contact you at your mailing address on file with them, the papers will be sent to your Florida Registered Agent.  This is one of the major reasons to have a Registered Agent who is available during normal business hours with a physical address in the state of Florida.

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