Florida LLC Forms

Learn how to form a Florida LLC onlineAmong the steps required to form an LLC in Florida, properly completing the LLC formation documents is what actually sets up your LLC with the state of Florida.

A Florida LLC must submit these documents to the correct department(s) in order to create the business entity.

Some items that you will need prior to completing the Florida LLC documents are listed below.

Florida LLC Name

Your desired LLC name must be available for use, and it must be “distinguishable” from the names of existing businesses registered in Florida.

We teach you how to research your desired name in Lesson 1 of our LLC Formation Course and we also offer a free Florida LLC search.

This is an important step, because you do not want to risk infringing upon the rights of someone else’s name and/or trademark.

Office Addresses

You will need to provide a “principal office address”, as well as a “mailing address” on your formation documents.

It is common that both of these addresses are the same.

The principal mailing address can be considered your “main” business address and you can use a different mailing address if you would like your LLC mail sent elsewhere.

You cannot use a PO box for your principal office address, but you can use a PO box for your mailing address.

Again, it is common that both addresses will be the same.

Neither the “principal office address” nor the “mailing address” need to be Florida addresses.

Florida Registered Agent

When forming an LLC in Florida, a Registered Agent must be appointed.

A Florida Registered Agent serves as a “point of contact” in case legal papers need to be sent to your LLC and the state has been unsuccessful in contacting you or your LLC.  Consider it an “emergency contact”.

A Registered Agent must have a business address located in the state of Florida.

All business mail and tax related documents will still be sent to your “mailing address”.

A Registered Agent can either be an individual person or a business.

Furthermore, a Registered Agent can be yourself or someone you know, if you/they have a Florida address.

If you are using someone you know, you must have them agree to be your Registered Agent, as they will need to sign the Florida LLC forms.

If you do not have a Florida address and you do not know anyone in the state who can act as your LLC’s agent, you can hire the services of a Commercial Registered Agent.  Typical annual fees range from $100 – $130 per year.

We recommend Northwest Registered Agent.  They have been in the business for over 15 years and they provide Registered Agent services in all 50 states.


You will need to have ready the names and addresses of all the LLC members.

Note: As an LLC in Florida, you are allowed to form a single-member LLC, so that means that you can be the only member.

If you would like to have more members in your LLC, there is no limit.

Once you’ve researched your desired Florida LLC name, have gathered all the information above, and obtained the Florida LLC forms, you will then need to mail them into the proper state departments and wait for approval.

If your LLC documents are filed correctly, you will receive your letter of acknowledgment, which is the initial correspondence from the state, telling you that your LLC has been registered in Florida, and that you can now conduct business in the state.

Typical turnaround time is 5-10 business days.

The Most Important Step

This is the most important step when forming an LLC in Florida, so you want to make sure that your Florida LLC forms are filled in and filed correctly.

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