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Step-by-Step Video Lessons

Watch over the shoulder of a business formation expert as we take you through all of the Florida LLC paperwork step-by-step, and literally line-by-line. You won’t find detailed information on how to form a Florida LLC anywhere else but here!

Downloadable Formation Documents

We provide you with all of the required Florida LLC filing documents in both PDF & Microsoft Word formats. This way, you can easily download, save, and print them right from your computer.

Free Support, 7 Days a Week

We’re not only here to empower you with the knowledge and resources that you need, but our professionals are here to support you around the clock, and help answer any questions you might have.

Free LLC Name Lookup

As a free service, we would like to offer to you the Florida LLC search.  If you have a desired LLC or company name and you want to see if it’s available, just let us know! We will get back to you within 24 hours, and it’s often faster than that.

Advantages of LLCs

In addition to tax benefits, personal asset protection, and business legitimacy, Florida LLCs offer a wide range of advantages to their owners.  LLCs are the most common business type in the state of Florida, and make up more than 70% of all business formed.

LLCs for Real Estate Investing

Being a real estate investor can expose a property owner to a lot of personal risk if they are not protected by a Florida limited liability company (LLC). When the property is held in an LLC in Florida, the real estate investor’s personal assets are protected.


4 Steps: How to Form an LLC in Florida


Research your desired LLC name to make sure it’s available for use. This will protect you from infringing upon someone else’s name rights.


File the appropriate LLC Formation Documents with the state of Florida. It will take 5-7 business days for their approval.


Once you receive your approval from the state, you will then complete your 6-page Florida LLC Operating Agreement.


And last, you’ll apply for your EIN, Employer Identification Number (aka Federal Tax ID Number).

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